Styles of Scarlotland: What a Wonderful Day for a Tea Party

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Wonderful Day for a Tea Party

     I did a little shopping today and purchased this cute little Girl-Talk Hut at the Pure Juice Venue.  Made by the talented, Veronica Kanya,  this hut is perfect for get togethers with your friends.  The Hut comes furnished with 3 chairs with sit animations,  cute little knick knacks,  and a great wall decal.

    I invited my girlfriend, Libby, over and we ate some cake and drank some tea.  Which are included in the decorations by-the-way.  The Hut alone is a great 22 prims, with accessories the Hut comes to 137 prims.   

     The colors are definitely feminine and makes me want to spend time with my friends.  So call them up, invite them over.  Be casual or go with the Tea Party Theme like I did.  Make some memories that you will never forget!!

     Here I am...yes Blonde, can you believe it??  I am in the new dress from Cool Beans.  This dress is also available at the Pure Juice Venue.  The shoes are included with the purchase of the dress.  This is a perfect spring tea party dress!!! 

     The last thing on my list to talk about is this Fabulous blanket from What Next.  I like picnic blankets but I LOVE this one!!!!   This one comes with a guitar you can play, which also has sound so you can actually hear the strumming of the strings.  It also comes with various sit animations, including a listen to the music animation, which is a sit-sway animated pose.  Also included is a picnic basket with drinks & sandwiches.  This is a MUST HAVE!!
        I get by with a little help from my friends...  Lennon
Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Belleza: Melissa - Tan
Hair:  Ava-Tare:  Candy- Platinum
Dress & Shoes:  Cool Beans:  Sweet Visions Ensamble (Pure Juice Venue)

*I didn't ask Libby to provide information on her items since she was my guest.

Girl-Chat Hut:  Tasty  (Pure Juice Venue)
Serendipity Garden Picnic Set:  What Next



  1. awwww you two look so cute :D
    have fun doing girly things :D

  2. Thanks for tea. It was a fun afternoon