Styles of Scarlotland: March 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look of the Day

                     "I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate, a poet, a pawn and a king;  
                         I've been up and down and over and out, And I know one thing;
                                        Each time I find myself flat on my face,
                                              I pick myself up and get back in the race"      
                                                                                                   ~ Author Unknown

Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  AMD:  Gaia-Carmel - Seduce 2
Hair:  Maitreya:  LE.LOOK! la femme - Hair/Hat- Coffee
Top:  Kyoot:  Book Worm Top:  Santa Fe
Skirt:  Jane:  Drifter Cordurory Skirt:  Chocolate
Boots:  BAX Coen:  LE.LOOK! la femme Boots
Poses:  Di's Opera:  Aleida Gift Pose 2

Photograph was taken at the Bahia Pirate Town. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reconnecting With Nature...

                                                             I will be the gladdest thing
                                                                       Under the sun!
                                                            I will touch a hundred flowers
                                                                        And not pick one.
                                              ~Edna St. Vincent Millay, "Afternoon on a Hill" 

Scarlot is wearing:
Skin:  Exodi:  Sylvan Nuit- 17
Hair:  Shag:  Forget Me Knot:  kitten
Necklace:  Schadenfreude Wold Necklace
Top:  Cool Bean:  Spring Breeze:  Green
Bottoms:  Sn@tch:  Rolled Up Belted Jeans:  Green
Photograph was taken at the lovely Eutheria Sim.  


Monday, March 21, 2011

52 Weeks of Color: Week Thirteen: Emerald

     Week Thirteen of Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is the beautiful color of Emerald.  I am a little behind, but will try to catch up!  I seem to have some free time on my hands, just shouldn't take that long.
I used The Ritz Prop by comPOSEure, a -CLICK- product, for the photo.  I really love the rich colors, makes you feel like you were really there.

Scarlot is wearing:
Skin:  Belleza:  Erica- Tan
Eyes:  Ibanez:  Rivendell Eyes:  Sage
Lashes:  LeLutka:  2011 lashes:  Curl
Hair:  White Well:  083: D.Brown
Gown:  Earth & Sky:  Celebrity of Broadway:  Emerald
Jewelry:  Hudsons:  Emerald Diamond Pendant & Earrings
Shoes:  None...shhhh (you can't see them anyway)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!!


                            Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"  ~Robin Williams

Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Belleza:  Melissa- Tan
Hair:  Truth:  Annie-Treacle
Tattoo:  .:CoLL:.  Stardust
Dress:  Jane:  Patchwork Dress- Blush
Shoes:  In Her Shoes:  Stiletto- Light Brown
Pose:  Ks2cool:  Pose15-20
Photograph was take in my yard.  Pictured is The Love Shack by Awesome Blossom.  Flowers are from Kidd Grass Garden Meadow & Beach Low Prim Landscaping.  The fence is from Forest Floor.   I love my home!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Who's There??

     With a little free time on my hands, I decided to do a little exploring.  I came across the entrance to a cave and thought ..Why Not!....I have my lantern with me so I will be alright.


     I searched high and then I searched low.  I am not sure what I was really looking for but was determined that I would know when I find it.  The caves were dark and mysterious, with a mildowy scent.  I wonder if there is anyone who lives here or maybe even animals that roam around freely.

     EEEK!!!  Well, I am sure you guessed it by the look on my face.  I found a RAT!! Or you can say the rat found ME!!  I screamed really loud and the sound echoed just like it would in the movies. Boy, am I glad that I wore my GOS Curvaceous Boots today.  Not only did I look good, but my feet were protected from that rodent!!!

Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Belleza:  Alyson- Tan
Hair:  ww*hair:  017a- :D. Blown
Dress:  Riddle:  Lace Dress- Black
Boots:  Gos: Curvaceous- Black
Poses & Prop:  Hopscotch-  Who's There
Photograph was taken at Diana's Paradise - Grotto Cavern Cave Waterfall.  The Cave was wonderfully made by FelixVonKotwitz Alter.  He was kind enough to let me take the photographs there.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What a Wonderful Day for a Tea Party

     I did a little shopping today and purchased this cute little Girl-Talk Hut at the Pure Juice Venue.  Made by the talented, Veronica Kanya,  this hut is perfect for get togethers with your friends.  The Hut comes furnished with 3 chairs with sit animations,  cute little knick knacks,  and a great wall decal.

    I invited my girlfriend, Libby, over and we ate some cake and drank some tea.  Which are included in the decorations by-the-way.  The Hut alone is a great 22 prims, with accessories the Hut comes to 137 prims.   

     The colors are definitely feminine and makes me want to spend time with my friends.  So call them up, invite them over.  Be casual or go with the Tea Party Theme like I did.  Make some memories that you will never forget!!

     Here I am...yes Blonde, can you believe it??  I am in the new dress from Cool Beans.  This dress is also available at the Pure Juice Venue.  The shoes are included with the purchase of the dress.  This is a perfect spring tea party dress!!! 

     The last thing on my list to talk about is this Fabulous blanket from What Next.  I like picnic blankets but I LOVE this one!!!!   This one comes with a guitar you can play, which also has sound so you can actually hear the strumming of the strings.  It also comes with various sit animations, including a listen to the music animation, which is a sit-sway animated pose.  Also included is a picnic basket with drinks & sandwiches.  This is a MUST HAVE!!
        I get by with a little help from my friends...  Lennon
Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Belleza: Melissa - Tan
Hair:  Ava-Tare:  Candy- Platinum
Dress & Shoes:  Cool Beans:  Sweet Visions Ensamble (Pure Juice Venue)

*I didn't ask Libby to provide information on her items since she was my guest.

Girl-Chat Hut:  Tasty  (Pure Juice Venue)
Serendipity Garden Picnic Set:  What Next


In The Garage


   Just recently, I decided to pick up a part-time gig, and since I am newly single..what better place to work? A garage!!  Imagine all the types of men!!  They started me out on the pumps my first day.  Kinda boring, but hey- ya got to start somewhere, right?


  The 2nd part of the  day got much better.  I was asked to assist the mechanic (was he ever cute!) and help him get the parts he needed.  Now.. what was that part called?? Hmm..wonder what it looks like??  Hey, I never said that I would be good at this!!

    Time for a little break!! Look at what I found in the drawer while searching for parts...PlayBoy!!   Guess these guys like a girl who one is around let me try!!  I think I'm gonna like it here!!! 

  Time to fix my hat...freshen up!! It's just about closing time...some of the guys want to go out for drinks!! What do you I look cute?  I think so, and frankly, that is ALL that matters!!  hehehe

One of the perks of working here is FREE gas.  I fill up my own tank and get ready to go.   This job is going to be great!!   Haven't met the man of my dreams yet...but I know he'll show up sooner or later, meanwhile  anyone want a ride???  *winks*

Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Exodi:  Sylvan Soleil - 17
Hair:  Truth:  Lisa-Java
Lashes:  Lelutka-2011 curl
Piercings:  iPoke:  Beautalia - Facial, Belly Button, Rt Wrist
Top:  League:  Garage Tee - Khaki
Bottom:  League:  Garage Jeans - Khaki w/red hankie
Shoes:  Redgrave:  Biker Boots - Sand
Poses:  Ks2Cool:  Pose 1-10 &  Pose 4-10
             Amacci:  Female_H1
             Baiastice:  BeBo-Prop-free-2

Photographs were taken on the fun sim of Busted.  There is a lot to do there...they offer a free motorcycle to ride around on the paved streets or unpaved grass (if you are a bad driver like I am).  There is fishing, shopping, and uhhh wild animals!   Take some time & explore.