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Sunday, March 6, 2011

In The Garage


   Just recently, I decided to pick up a part-time gig, and since I am newly single..what better place to work? A garage!!  Imagine all the types of men!!  They started me out on the pumps my first day.  Kinda boring, but hey- ya got to start somewhere, right?


  The 2nd part of the  day got much better.  I was asked to assist the mechanic (was he ever cute!) and help him get the parts he needed.  Now.. what was that part called?? Hmm..wonder what it looks like??  Hey, I never said that I would be good at this!!

    Time for a little break!! Look at what I found in the drawer while searching for parts...PlayBoy!!   Guess these guys like a girl who one is around let me try!!  I think I'm gonna like it here!!! 

  Time to fix my hat...freshen up!! It's just about closing time...some of the guys want to go out for drinks!! What do you I look cute?  I think so, and frankly, that is ALL that matters!!  hehehe

One of the perks of working here is FREE gas.  I fill up my own tank and get ready to go.   This job is going to be great!!   Haven't met the man of my dreams yet...but I know he'll show up sooner or later, meanwhile  anyone want a ride???  *winks*

Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Exodi:  Sylvan Soleil - 17
Hair:  Truth:  Lisa-Java
Lashes:  Lelutka-2011 curl
Piercings:  iPoke:  Beautalia - Facial, Belly Button, Rt Wrist
Top:  League:  Garage Tee - Khaki
Bottom:  League:  Garage Jeans - Khaki w/red hankie
Shoes:  Redgrave:  Biker Boots - Sand
Poses:  Ks2Cool:  Pose 1-10 &  Pose 4-10
             Amacci:  Female_H1
             Baiastice:  BeBo-Prop-free-2

Photographs were taken on the fun sim of Busted.  There is a lot to do there...they offer a free motorcycle to ride around on the paved streets or unpaved grass (if you are a bad driver like I am).  There is fishing, shopping, and uhhh wild animals!   Take some time & explore.

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