Styles of Scarlotland: October 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Days

Autumn is my favorite Season.
There is nothing like the feeling of a wonderful autumn day! The sun shines, but it's not so hot so you can enjoy a nice brisk walk. The leaves on the trees change beautiful colors, red, oranges, and yellows. Walking through the park you hear the crunch under your feet. This is the time of year for apple picking and pumpkin patches. Two things about this season I love the most! Autumn always reminds me of home.
Remember, as a kid, spending hours upon hours raking the leaves?? Your parents always wondered why you would volunteer to do a chore....little did they know that it wasn't really going to get done. We would rake the leaves into a HUGE pile, then jump into them. We would spend more time in the leaves, throwing them at eachother, laughing. There is nothing like the sound of laughter on an autumn day!!

Scarlot is wearing....

Hair: "old" Truth-Jared 2

Shirt: Cool Beans-Cissy-Brown

Jeans: Cool Beans-My Heart Jeans-boot cut

Cardigan: REEK -Papercut Cardigan- Cream

Boots: MEB- Suede & Studs Honey Boot

Jewelry Set: Mashooka -Mala Naturals- Earrings & Necklace