Styles of Scarlotland

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week Two: Coral

     Coral is the 2nd color in Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Part Duex.   There are different colors for Coral,  I chose this feminine dress because it had a way of taking all my problems away and make me feel like a girl again.  When was the last time you wore Coral?

Skin:  Belleza: Aiko:  Tan
Hair:  Elikatera:  Breathe:  Black
Outfit:  u*f*o : Bashful Gypsophilia:  Coral ---Collabor88 NOW!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week One: Champagne

     It's that time again for Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge - Part Duex.  I had started the first one but failed terribly.  I do believe in 2nd chances I am!!   What better way to start the year then with the color Champagne!   One thing I love about a new year is the right to drink Champagne.   I love the bubbly.  :)
So, here's a toast to the year of 2012, and to 52 colorful weeks!!  

Skin:  Step inSide:  Pearl milk cleavage
Hair:  Exile:  Kylie:  Champagne
Top:  Seldom Blue:  Mosaic Top:  Champagne
Pose:  SHISEIDo:  Gravure10
Champagne Glass was seperate.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Alphabet Challenge - Letter A

 Good Morning!!  I've decided to try my hand at What *is* Willis Talking About's Alphabet Challenge.  A few of my friends are doing I should be able to right?  We'll see.   I am not a very persistant blogger, so I am hoping that this will keep me going, and possibly help me find what I have been missing.  I hope I am doing this correctly, if not can someone please let me know :)   So...there you have it...the first post completed. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adelaide Show on Eclectic Diversity

      Ah, remember going to the carnival as a child?  I can!  I remember the wild rides and the music floating through the air.  The breeze blowing if that certain Amusement park was on the water.  I even remember the taste of salt in the air.   Some of you may have even found a one time love.  The joy of being young!


     A couple Austrailian Ladies have put together a Second Life version of The Adelaide Show.  Complete with rides, games, crafts and even food.  This is truly a sight to see.   There is a balloon ride, which gives you a small tour.  And then there is this balloon you sit on...but be start floating away.  This will allow you to steer yourself all over the sim.  This way you can move at your own pace.  Just be careful not to let go when you are too high.  There isn't a hospital close by. :)

     The Attractions line the boardwalk on both sides.  There are Bumper Cars,  Swings,  a Rocket Ride to name a few.  There is a craft building, where you can try your hand at pottery, and weaving.  Also, in the craft building, there are beautiful pieces of artwork.  One of the popular things at the Royal Adelaide Show are the Show bags.  For those that don't know, Show Bags are goodie bags loaded with anything from food to cosmetics.  You will find Show Bags near the landing point just inside the shop.  Yay!! 

     And now who goes to the Fair without getting something to eat?  I had to stop and get some of my favorite....Ice Cream!!  It even came in a waffle cone,  how fun is that?   There are numerous food stands, but don't worry this is Second Life---we can have whatever we want because we don't gain weight unless we choose to!!  Giggles!

     Please come and visit!!  Have a few laughs!!  This is truly what Second Life is all about!  On Thursday, September 8th at 5pm slt,  the talented and beautiful Minerva Galdonaldo will be enchanting us with her beautiful voice by singing a few songs and reciting some wonderful poetry.  Also, on September 9th at 6pm slt,  The Zoltan Mint Magic Show will take place. Here is your magic carpet ride.. Adelaide Show at Eclectic Diversity

                               HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!  BRING YOUR FRIENDS!!
Scarlot is wearing:

Skin:  Belleza:  Elle Med.
Hair:  Cool Beans:  Alyssa:  Praline
Shirt:  Cool Beans:  Ocean Halter in Blue
                              Sunset Halter in Copper
Shorts:  Cool Beans:  Chatty Kathy:  Brown


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Proving Wright

Need a Sexy, stylish top that goes just about with anything?  Here we have the first creation from the new brand,  Proving Wright, this cute top called 'Lil Meshy.   Made with a semi-sheer texture and a meshy ribbing, plus with the many colors available, this top is a sure win!   Available in the colors shown at a great introductory price of 10L each,  or with the special fat pack price of 50L.  Currently only available on Marketplace.  Wrong Wright is the designer behind the name,  he is definitely someone to watch for!!

Scarlot is wearing:
Skin:  Belleza:  Elle
Hair:  D!iva:  Haruka:  Amber
Lashes:  LeLutka 2011 lashes
Top:  Proving Wright:  'Lil Meshy  Proving Wright Available Here!
Skirt:  Last Period:  Bottoms 0016
Collar:  Decorative Slave Collar

Friday, June 10, 2011

Tale Weavers

     Ever wanted a place to just sit around with friends?  Perhaps playing a game or exploring, or even just sitting and chatting?  Well, my friends, Attica & Huntress have created such a place.   They created the Tale Weavers Sim.   This sim is landscaped nicely and you will find many fun things.  There is a library and a hidden lab, are you good enough to find it?  They are starting to have contests,  such as logic problems & trivia.  They want it to be a fun place to hang out.  Please when you get a chance stop by for a visit.  The Tale Weavers
Scarlot is wearing:
Skin:  Belleza:  Elle Tan
Hair:  Exile:  Kylie:  Auburn
Lashes:  Lelutka: 2011 lashes/curl
Outfit:  Sn@tch:  After the Rain:  Green
Shoes:  Cool Beans:  Knit Slip-Ons:  Green

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project FUR Purrrrrrrr...

     There are many cute outfits at Project FUR Japan.  This outfit comes with ears & tail.  If you like flowy things...this is for you!!  Also, shown is a tattoo layer Kitty make-up.  It really completes the look.  There are many, many items that are 100% donated to Project FUR Japan.  Please, please come out and support this project!! There are many, many animals that need our help.  Let's join together and do something good for these poor animals.  ♥♥


Scarlot is wearing:
Skin:  Belleza:  Melissa- tan
Hair:  Philotic Energy-  Enda II- Mochachino
Make-Up:  Esk-Imo Makeup:  Kitty (tattoo layer)
Outfit:  LIKKA*HOUSE:  Ragdoll:  Gray- Tunic